Bruce Maconachie Photography specialises in wedding and portrait photography.

Bruce is an award winning professional photographer based in Perth, Western Australia.

He has been working as a professional photographer for over thirty years and has been a member of the A.I.P.P (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) for the last 24 years.

His current status with the AIPP is Master Photographer with 1 Gold Bar.

His Master Photographer status was reached in 2004 and the Gold Bar was achieved last year in 2009.

To become a Master Photographer with the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) you need to achieve a total of 10 points over 5 years at the APPA (Australian Professional Photography Awards). One point is given for a silver award image and two points are given for a gold award image. Once you have reached Master Photographer status you then need to achieve another 10 points within another 5 years to be awarded a gold bar.

Since becoming a member of the AIPP Bruce has been awarded over 40 individual photography awards including a silver award with distinction for a photo of four people sitting on a dune watching the sun rise over Erg Chebbi in Morocco on the western edge of the Sahara Desert.

xxxxA gold award was given for a photo showing a woman sitting in the memorial hall at the El Alamein war cemetery.

A photo named Sahara Dune received a Silver award and a silver award with distinction was given for a photo of a street vendor in Cairo.

Bruce began his career by mainly working as a freelance photographer for magazines and newspapers within Australia and then began selling his work to overseas publications.

His photographs have been published in Great Britain, Europe and South Africa.

For the last 25 years Bruce has concentrated mainly on portraiture and wedding photography.

His style of photography could be described as candid and relaxed.

"I endeavour to get people to interact with each other to create a fun image, trying to bring out each persons individual characteristic".

Bruce doesn't like to work in a studio as he feels that portraits taken in natural settings really bring out people’s individual characteristics. He achieves this by creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere to get the most out of your portrait.

“People ask me if I ever get tired of doing weddings and portraits, but I don’t, each one is different and a challenge in itself, and even after all these years I still sometimes get a tear in my eye at weddings”.

As well as portrait and wedding photography, Bruce’s other love is travel photography and many of his awards have been achieved with images taken whilst travelling.